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Amazing > Thursday, September-03-2009

F18 low fly-by

There's nothing more beautiful than a low fly-by in my opinion. Here's a scary one for you to enjoy!

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Comments for F18 low fly-by


Wow, freaky!
posted by Steven at Friday, September-04-2009 10:12am


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posted by Guest at Sunday, September-06-2009 11:08am


Wow that is so cool. But this is not a F-18. This one has only one rudder.
posted by Mark at Wednesday, September-09-2009 17:44pm


Fake as hell. If this were a real jet, the force of the jet passing so close would have blown him off his feet, or the slipstreem left behind would have done, and his hat would have come off at least. Cleverly made video, but fake. :roll:
posted by Andrew at Saturday, October-10-2009 15:18pm


that was a marine core av 8b harrier 2 not an f 18 possibly not fake top speed is just shy of 960 m.p.h. :clap: :cool:
posted by aaron at Thursday, October-15-2009 19:19pm

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