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Amazing > Friday, July-04-2008

Incredible karate skills

Bruce Lee would probably be full of envy! This guy rocks! WOW!

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Comments for Incredible karate skills


Wow. Half-karate master, half tap-dancer. Nice how he stomps his feet every time so you are dutifully impressed at the right moments.
posted by Tom at Monday, July-07-2008 16:48pm


I'm no expert, but this looks a little overly flamboyant. I'm sure he could kick the average person's ass. But I'd like to hear what "other" masters of the art have to say about his jerky-quick style.
posted by Z at Sunday, August-24-2008 22:51pm


Bruce Lee would have kicked this kung fu tapdancing wannabe moron's ass back to valet classes. This guy is a moron, I hate wanna bes. I took Tae Kwon Do classes for 2 years, I know whats fake and whats not.
posted by ... at Tuesday, September-23-2008 18:25pm


this guy is an idiot tap dancer lol,His giving these demonstrations based on the opponent throwing a one single non committed punch. That is a real fight you dint throw one punch and stop.. He looks like a wannabe 1-2 back and fourth old school kung fu flick. this is useless
posted by mannyr at Thursday, July-23-2009 20:07pm

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