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Funny > Friday, January-11-2008

Jeff Dunham & Achmed: Jingle Bombs skit

You probably remember Achmed the dead terrorist, from the previous posts (if not, click HERE). The hilarious puppet is one of Jeff Dunham's best creations. Watch & enjoy this Christmas special skit!

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Comments for Jeff Dunham & Achmed: Jingle Bombs skit

F for forgettable

i thought this video was idiotic. I have seen better comedy skits (live) that had people rolling in the aisles. This is just racism and propaganda, so I rate it ;poorly. Maybe an F for forgettable. Comedy is not something that everyone can do. Will Farrell is someone who isnt funny. He does outrageous things but he relies too much on his lines and other distractions to make himself look funny. Steve Martin, however, is your classic funny guy. Talented, and able to deliver on so many levels. In years to come, people will look back at this video and realise how it played to the prejudices of the audience rather than actually being funny.
posted by mary at Friday, April-25-2008 10:53am

Guitar guy is good

well to Mary i would like to say that you does not realize that this character is supposed to parody our racism and propaganda i didn't watch this video and think I HATE TERRORISTS i thought " that guy is good at guitar" also his opening thing sounded awesome.
P.S. I am Persian, modern day Iran and i was not offended i laughed.
posted by SOG at Monday, September-08-2008 03:20am

clever, but jaded

the thing you've gotta realize about puppet comedians is that the only reason they turned to puppet comedy in the first place is because if they weren't telling their jokes through other characters on stage, the comedian, standing up on stage all alone, would look like the many bigot crusading, stereotype bashing, unoriginal assholes that have come before him. but since he's got another character onstage with him, the horridness of the jokes get diffused on the puppet.
not to say he isn't entertaining, i think this is jeff's strong point, he knows how to jab the audience and has a sharp wit.

but past glitz and the puppets, jeff isn't anything new.
posted by kendell at Thursday, October-01-2009 01:28am

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