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WTF..?! > Monday, December-11-2006

Bizarre English lesson for Japanese tourists

Ok ... Asian people are learning English while doing aerobic / cardio exercises, smiling and repeating English phrases such as "TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT", "SPARE ME MY LIFE" and of course ... "LET'S GO DUTCH!".
P.S. The second video is a compilation of them all and then some.

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WTF..?! > Thursday, December-07-2006

Disturbing Japanese Video

The original video is a cartoon potty training video for Japanese kids (*creepy*). Of course some guy decided it wasn't disturbing enough and added a "translation" to it (made up) and the result...well you got to see it to believe it...
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WTF..?! > Wednesday, November-01-2006

Toei Spider-Man: Miyauchi Hiroshi

Funny Japanese TV show which features Spiderman and his giant robot (Power Ranger style) defeating Dr. Doom (which somehow has a sword and knows kung-fu). If this wasn't enough a cowboy with a guitar comes into play :))
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WTF..?! > Wednesday, October-18-2006

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