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Amazing > Thursday, December-10-2009

Dog riding on car's hood...on the highway

Here's an amazing video, but unfortunately it was shot with a phone camera: a god rides on the hood of a pick-up truck at highway speeds. Better hold on tight, and wish for no emergency brakes! Enjoy!

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Cool > Thursday, December-10-2009

C-130 landing and take-off on an aircraft carrier

Skip to the 2:00 mark, to see this magnificent bird take-off and land on an aircraft carrier. I can only compare it to a bumblebee landing on a flower. Enjoy the cool action!

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Cool > Tuesday, December-08-2009

Disappearing bottle trick

Here's a cool video in how to make a bottle disappear in a glass. Pretty amazing effect, huh? Enjoy!

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Funny > Tuesday, December-08-2009

Remi Gaillard in Pac-Man

Remi Gaillard does it again. He doesn't care about who will get hurt, or what the consequences will be! He just does it. Here's how he plays real-life Pac Man in a supermarket and a few other locations. Enjoy!

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Ouch > Thursday, December-03-2009

Chinese product testing

Here is how a normal day at work is for a Chinese dirt bike tester (he is probably also the guy who assembles the parts, and cleans the bathrooms). Great air! Enjoy!

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WTF..?! > Thursday, December-03-2009

Chevy truck brakes into two pieces

Well, it certainly seems that they don't make them like they used to. Have a look at this Chevrolet truck, folding in two pieces when it is beeing pulled out of the ice. Granted, it might have a lot of extra weight on board due to water inside.

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Amazing > Wednesday, December-02-2009

RC car takes out tooth

Here's a simply hilarious video in my opinion. The parents thought of an ingenious way to take out a tooth: have a RC car jump over a ramp (and the cat) si that on its way down, it pulls the kid's tooth out. The cat was not amused :D !

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Cool > Tuesday, December-01-2009

Kite lights

Here's a nice light arrangement for a Christmas decoration: a flying kite with lights attached to it. Pretty cool. Enjoy!

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Cool > Monday, November-30-2009

Personal helicopter

Hey, I am not sure if this is a revisit on the personal helicopter thing, but it is so cool that I cannot ignore it. Really one neat idea, that can allow safe passage over very difficult terrain if you have a big enough tank of gas. Enjoy!

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Funny > Monday, November-30-2009

iPhone glued to the sidewalk

It's kind of an old joke, but it seems to work apparently. People seem a bit confused after trying to lift the iPhone off the ground and misteriosly fail. Some are even violent about it. Anyway, enjoy this popular prank.

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