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Gaming Videos > Monday, January-11-2010

Lego Universe MMO game looks surprisingly good

Here's a trailer of the upcoming MMO game: Lego Universe. I've got to say, that in my opinion it looks quite good, and may be a less bloody alternative to the so popular World of Warcraft. Enjoy the trailer!

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Technology and Health News > Friday, January-08-2010

Molecular transistors

Small transistosr as small as a single molecule. The creators of this technology, researchers at Yale University in Connecticut, and the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, show that one of the limits to miniaturization of electronic devices - represented in fact by the transistor - may soon be overcomed.

Transistors are the basic elements of integrated circuits: they control the flow of current between two electrodes (called "source" and "well" or "discharge") by changing the voltage applied to third electrode ( "gate" or "gate") . The aim of nanotechnology has long been the construction of a transistor in which the electrodes are separated by a single molecule in which the electrons to flow.

This is not the only way to explore the possibility of linking to a molecule, but only the first - in which the current was successfully controlled by varying the energy of molecular orbitals, ie the "cross" on which run its electrons. Organic molecules seem the ideal candidate, but so far nobody has been able to work circuits so small.

To build their transistor, the researchers placed on a layer of aluminum oxide coated with gold threads of benzene, an organic molecule, and later broke the golden threads by creating micro-fractures. In the most fortunate cases, in a micro-fracture can remain trapped one molecule of benzene. In this way, the researchers recreated a micro-transistor, where the ends of the wires were broken once in the spring, the other shaft, aluminum oxide made by hand at the base gate. In this way, the molecule of benzene has become the electrical junction between the electrodes of the micro-transistors.

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Funny > Friday, January-08-2010

Lizard proving an egg??

Watch this lizard try to eat an egg...the problem is that after making me watch his twenty-something failed attempts the poster of the video decided not show me the lizard's victory move!!! WTF? Seriously, wtf?

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Funny > Friday, January-08-2010

Andy Roddick interview at the zoo gets rudely interrupted

One of the most hilarious videos I've seen these last couple of months. While the famous tennis player Andy Roddick was giving an interview at the zoo, two koala bears decided it was time to get it on!

You have to love their timming and the fact that a third koala bear was just standing there watching the whole thing :D Enjoy!

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Cool > Thursday, January-07-2010

Tree huggers get what's coming to them

I am really sorry for the whales, but I am really happy that those tree huggers got what they probably deserved: their modern boat got split in two when they tried to cut-off the whaler. Luckily for them, they got rescued fast by the other ship, otherwise the Arctic Sea would have been merciless. Enjoy!

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Ouch > Thursday, January-07-2010

Spectacular rally car accident

Here an accident from a Romanian rally. The driver apparently got a flat tire, and when the rim touched the asphalt in that corner, the car rolled over and went straight over the guard rails. Big ouch!

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Amazing > Tuesday, January-05-2010

Comet passes very close to the Sun

Here's an image captured on the 3rd of January by the SOHO spacecraft. This probe is currently studying the Sun. It managed to show an incredible image of a Comet that passes extremly close to the Sun, but without crashing into it. Enjoy the short video.

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Funny > Tuesday, January-05-2010

Woman bails out from car skidding on ice

I don't know why this woman felt that jumping from a moving (although out of control) car onto the ice covered asphalt will be less painfull than staying in the car and maybe hitting something at less than 5 km/h. least it makes for a good laugh! Enjoy!

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Funny > Monday, December-28-2009

Guy stops thieves with a bicycle

Incredible but true. A really upset man, seeing a burglary take place, decides to stop the two thieves on the motor scooter by throwing his bike at them. Really courageous and efficient as well. Enjoy!

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Cool > Monday, December-28-2009

Climb like a goat

Apparently the term "climb like a goat" is a compliment. To prove this, here is a goat playing on a nearly vertical wall. Props to mother nature for giving it the skills and physical abilities to achieve this!

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