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Ouch > Monday, February-01-2010

Ninja cat goes for the knock out

If you have pets, maybe you should think about bolting your LCD TV to the table. Because LCD's are so light compared to classical TVs, they are a prime target for destruction by your pet. In this case, a cat almost knocks out its master with it :) Enjoy!

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Funny > Monday, February-01-2010

More cleanning with less work

I agree that this is true only for moving sidewalks, but still it's pretty darn funny. :)) Enjoy the little video!

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Cool > Wednesday, January-27-2010

Very cool, yet simple black and white animation

The ending of this beautiful animation is especially nice. One of the best short-animation ideas I've seen in a long time, that has also been put into practice very well. Enjoy!

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Funny > Wednesday, January-27-2010

Brilliant timing

This shot is the definition of luck. It's pretty hard to get right...maybe once in a hundred tries, or more. Anyway props to the guy for getting it on film. Also, the guy that's hitting the ball is not a good golfer, as he would have missed anyway apparently. Enjoy!

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WTF..?! > Tuesday, January-26-2010

Seriously..Tram Sledding?

You have to be out of your mind to try out something like this. From the countless things that can go wrong, I can think of a right hand turn, when the sled could go left, and hit a tram that's coming from the other side. WTF!?

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Funny > Tuesday, January-26-2010

Human 0 - Spyder 1

This guy is trying to catch a huge spyder. Unfortunately for him, the spyder has been trained by nature to handle noobs like him. Hilarity ensues when the guy starts yelling like a woman :D

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Cool > Monday, January-25-2010

One mad cat

This little kitty is really shows real courage. It defends it's territory from a black bear, which wants to steal the trash. Lucky for the kitty that the bear didn't want anything to do with it. And the bear still stole the trash. Enjoy!

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Amazing > Monday, January-25-2010

Now that is a really tight squeeze!

There are some good drivers, and then there are those drivers that take their semi trucks in the Alps, where two normal cars can almost pass each other when coming from opposite directions. Here is a video showing how good they are at what they do. Enjoy!

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Ouch > Wednesday, January-20-2010

Sea Dart rocket launch FAIL

The more complicated things are, the more likely they are to go wrong. This is a well known fact. Electronics can fail when you least expect it, and it can have severe consequences. A good example is this video of a firing of a Sea Dart rocket from a navy ship. They were very lucky that the missile's warhead fell into the sea. Enjoy!

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Big in Japan > Wednesday, January-20-2010

Dominoes with animals !?

It is a well-known fact that while Japanese game shows are popular, they are as strange as one can imagine. is probably strange for us, but for them it is normal TV. Here is a weird idea...watching animals bump into dominoes, and calling it "a show" :D Enjoy!

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