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Amazing > Saturday, April-03-2010

Incredible motorcycle recovery

When you are good, even physical laws bend to your every whim. Here's this motorcycle race driver who apparently recovers his bike at high speed. One in a million chance. Enjoy!

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Cool > Saturday, April-03-2010

Anvil throwing FTW

So what can make a better hobby than throwing anvils in kilted costumes? You are correct: nothing compares to it. Enjoy the madness :)

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Movie Trailer > Friday, April-02-2010

The A-Team movie - trailer

The new A-Team movie will be released soon in theaters. You may want to see it especially if you've watched the original series. The A-Team movie release dates are as follows:

A-Team release date parts of Europe: 10th of June
A-Team release date USA: 11th of June
A-Team release date Japan: 20th of August


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Funny > Friday, April-02-2010

Did they really invent fireworks?

Well the Chinese invented fireworks a long time ago, but it seems that now-a-days they are unable for a decent grenade throw...or maybe the grenade was fresh out the assembly line and the lead paint didn't have time to dry up. Well...anyway...the video made it around the world. Enjoy!

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Big in Japan > Sunday, March-21-2010

Japanese toilets are dangerous!

Can a cleaning toilet launch a person into the air? No! Can you modify it so it throws him out of the ballpark? Well, the response is in this Japanese version of the Mythbusters! Enjoy!

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Cool > Sunday, March-21-2010

NASA flight over Mars

Well, it is not actually a real flight, but rather a computer generated graphic simulation of how a flight would look through Mars's canyons. It has accurate landscaping up to 1m for heights and 0.25m for details. So...I guess this is the closest you'll ever get to flying on Mars in this lifetime! Enjoy it!

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Funny > Monday, March-15-2010

What do you do when your locomotive runs out of gas?

It seems that in Romania things are a bit upside down. For example, over there trains do not carry people, but rather people push trains. Here are a few strong guys pushing a locomotive :)) I think it is the first time I see something like this! Enjoy!

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Funny > Monday, March-15-2010

HaHaHa! When your job is too hard...

You have one job: too take the wounded players off the soccer field. However you seem to manage to embarrass yourself while doing that. Hahaha! Enjoy the hilariousness!

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Amazing > Monday, February-22-2010

When a hill starts wondering around

You know it is time to bail when a whole hill starts moving around. Run Forest, run!!!

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Funny > Monday, February-22-2010

The Hulk is probably this guy

I think the true indentity of the movie character "The Hulk" has been now revealed. It is actually a pilot, who beeing subjected to severe G-Forces revealed his true nature. OMG! Incredible :)

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