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Cool > Sunday, June-27-2010

Can the iPhone 4G withstand a .50 cal bullet?

In case you were wondering last night if the new iPhone 4G can take a massive .50 cal bullet, then this video comes to provide the answer. Skip the guy's annoying laugh at the beginning to see the action. Still, the question remains: why the heck would they do that? Enjoy!

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Technology and Health News > Sunday, June-27-2010

Cancer and hypertension: a hypothesis to be investigated

A study in the Lancet suggests the existence of a correlation between certain drugs and a slight increase in the risk of developing cancer.

For now it is only a hypothesis to be investigated, but according to a study published in Lancet Oncology, there may be a link between a small increase in the possibility of developing cancer and the use of certain drug receptor blockers (ARBs), commonly used worldwide to treat high blood pressure, heart attacks and kidney problems caused by diabetes. A team of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (Cleveland, USA) found an increased risk of cancer 1, 2 percent in patients taking medicines ARB compared with control groups.

The research examined a series of studies published before November 2009 on clinical trail drug ARB analyzing total cases of more than 60,000 patients. The analysis took into account several types of cancer, including prostate, breast and lung.

"Overall - the researchers said - the results show that patients treated with this type of antihypertensive drugs, which work by blocking the receptors for angiotensin, a hormone that increases blood pressure, seem to have a higher risk of developing cancer than those taking other drugs or placebo. Percentages are by 7.2 percent in the first case and 6 percent in the control groups.

The study did not reveal any connections details regarding the use of ARB and mortality in subjects who had been diagnosed with cancer, although, as noted by the authors, the follow up of patients may not be long enough to reveal exactly the mortality rate associated with the ARB. Concerning the incidence of cancer in organs, the only significant increase was observed for the lung: 0.9 percent in patients treated with ARB, against 0.7 percent in others.
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Amazing > Saturday, June-12-2010

A dog with incredible climbing abilities

Probably not a lot of average humans out there that can do what this dog does. He is pretty impressive to say the least. Go dog! Climb that tree!

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Cool > Saturday, June-12-2010

Stop-motion Mario level in paper origami

Some students probably had a lot of time on their hand or were part of an art/video class and did this cool and impressive Mario level in origami. You have to think that every frame needs you to reset Mario's position and that of the turtle/enemies. was worth it as it gives a pretty impressive result. Enjoy!

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Cool > Monday, May-24-2010

DIY race car simulator

It seems that Russian engineering strikes again. This guy (who seems to be Russian) managed to build a homemade race car full motion simulator. It looks very nice, and I'm sure all you games out there would kill for it. Sweet!

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Funny > Monday, May-24-2010

Hypnotizing cat

If you are familiar with the comedy cartoon Futurama, then you probably love Hypno-Toad. Well, it seems Hypno-Toad has now a competitor: Hypno-Cat. You be the judge of which one is better! Enjoy!

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Amazing > Monday, May-10-2010

Super hydrophobic surface using nano-technology

I know you've woken up a lot of times during the night thinking what the hydrophobic surface is. Well, it is a surface that hates water. Some smart ass scientists used some kind of fancy nano-technology to develop a super-hydrophobic surface. Damn! The result is amazing!

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Cool > Monday, May-10-2010

Extreme walking?

So Jesus allegedly walked on water. So what? That's not hard to do! Look at this hippies, who seem to be able to produce little miracles of their own. Meanwhile it seems that they just invented a new sport, that could be called eXtreme walking. Cool! Enjoy!

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Amazing > Wednesday, April-28-2010

Can you count the number of spiders?

I dare you try to count the number of "Daddy Longlegs" spiders in this nest. I think we need a statistician to tell us the interval of probability for the number of spiders. Enjoy!

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Amazing > Wednesday, April-28-2010

Once in a life time soccer goal

This goal seems to come straight off the Korean soccer field. It's an incredible two-man-bicycle kick that ends with a goal. Not something you will see again anytime soon, so better watch that replay again and again! Enjoy!

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