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Tech > Monday, September-03-2007

Monkey controlled robotic arm!

I'm all against animal cruelty and such, but sometimes, these experiments can bring forward something that would benefit millions of people. I think that one such case is this. This monkey has a microchip implanted in its brain, and linked up to a robotic arm. The amazing thing is that the monkey can control the arm like an extension of its body, with incredible precision, and without any visible effort!

Tech > Friday, August-31-2007

Omni-directional forklift

This forklift uses the same technology you've seen used in the robot with omni-directional wheels. As somebody pointed out in the comments, these wheels are called mecanum wheels and have been around since '73 and are used by the US military for different utility vehicles that operate on-board aircraft carriers where movement space is limited. Very interesting!

Tech > Thursday, August-30-2007

Robot with omni-directional wheels

Here's a fresh new design for wheels. The cool and ingenious part is that these wheels don't move sideways physically, but spin in opposite directions through (what looks to me like) inner ball bearings. Simple and very versatile!

Tech > Saturday, August-11-2007

Salt water as fuel?

I actually don't think this is an effective way to drive cars, but it actually depends on the amount of energy which that wave generator requires, and how much energy it is produced by burning that salt water. In other words, some data about the efficiency of the whole apparatus, should be mentioned!

Tech > Friday, August-10-2007

Cool little robot wrestling

I've got to say, that those little guys pack in some moves. They probably aren't autonomous, but the moves they pull, and the fact that they get up extremely easy, compensates for it. Really cool, and impressive moves!

Tech > Thursday, August-09-2007

Omni-directional treadmill: a step forward in VR

This omni-directional treadmill represents a massive step forward in designing and developing virtual worlds. With the help of a VR head-set you can wonder around a virtual world, and get the feeling of the real thing! Amazing!

Tech > Wednesday, August-08-2007

Robot plays air hockey and juggles

This amazing robot can do some neat stuff. It can play air hockey and juggle, demonstrating it has some impressive coordination skills, and it can also use its power as needed! Amazing!

Here's the same robot juggling balls:

Tech > Friday, August-03-2007

Robotic snake in action

A new innovative design, brought this robot snake to life. It's very interesting to see it move so smoothly, and I'm sure there are applications that could benefit from this technology!

Tech > Monday, July-30-2007

Japanese Robotic Exoskeleton

A really cool technology innovation from Japan. A robotic exoskeleton, that senses the neural stimuli transmitted from the brain to the muscles and acts accordingly. The result? A robotic enhancement, that allows you to lift up to 10 times the normal weight. It can be really useful on construction sites!

Tech > Friday, June-15-2007

The most realistic CG water you've ever seen

Here's an extremely realistic water simulation (the most accurate I've seen so far actually) which will take gaming into a new age of realism. You'll probably need a physics acceleration card for it, but with that kind of realism, who cares?

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