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Gaming Videos > Sunday, March-04-2007

Amazing Worms Armageddon skills

Awesome Worms Armageddon skills shown to us in this video, especially with the Ninja Rope. Even if you've never played the game, I'm sure you'll be able to appreciate the stunts this guy can pull off with nothing more then some rope and lots of experience. Enjoy!

Gaming Videos > Sunday, February-11-2007

Doom played on a TI-83 calculator

Nobody would've guessed when the 486 PC was in its prime that you'd get to see Doom played on a simple graphing calculator. Granted that it doesn't have the graphics of Doom nor even Wolfestein 3D but it's still way cool! Enjoy this video of the TI-83 game Doom!

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Gaming Videos > Sunday, February-04-2007

Resident Evil 4 PC - Already on Torrent Sites

Only a few days ago we found out that that PC version of the famous Resident Evil 4 would be released on Feb 23, 2007.

However, in less than a week and 19 days from the official release date, Resident Evil 4 can already be downloaded over the Internet from various torrent sites.

Resident Evil 4 on torrent sites

Over 200 downloads in less than 10 hours from that website alone, so this makes us wonder how did this leak happen? And why do this kind of leaks continue to appear ever more frequently? And as usually why isn't anyone doing anything about it?
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Gaming Videos > Thursday, February-01-2007

GTA San Andreas bike tricks video

An awesome video clip of some GTA San Andreas bike tricks. Enjoy!

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Gaming Videos > Friday, January-12-2007

FIFA 2007 Teaser trailer for Xbox 360

After the PC release of FIFA 2007 (aka FIFA 07), it's time for it to hit the XBOX 360. In this FIFA 2007 trailer you can see the latest release from EA SPORTS in all its glory. Enjoy the official FIFA 2007 teaser trailer for Xbox 360.

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Gaming Videos > Thursday, January-04-2007

Lineage 2 video clip

Lineage 2 is the successor to the reigning subscriptions champ in the MMO world, Lineage. Based firmly on its predecessor strengths, Lineage 2 is one of the best MMOs. Here's a Lineage 2 video clip made probably by a fan. The music is superb, as is the animation of the game. So, just relax and enjoy!
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Gaming Videos > Wednesday, December-20-2006

Top Ten Video Game Weapons

This is GT's top ten video game weapons that cause the most damage and are most fun to use. I personally think that this top ten video game weapons missed a few good ones (like the knife in Counter Strike), but it will have to do ;)
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Gaming Videos > Wednesday, December-20-2006

Battlefield 2 on Xbox 3 6 0 Video Clip

Xbox 3 6 0 is absolutely awesome. I mean the graphics is just amazing. Here's a cool video clip of what Battlefield 2 on Xbox 3 6 0 looks like. This time Microsoft did a pretty good job! Enjoy and if you can afford it, buy yourself an Xbox 3 6 0.
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Gaming Videos > Saturday, December-09-2006

Rayman European Launch Trailer

This is the funny trailer of the bunnies playing Rayman Raving Rabbids on Wii. Looks like a very entertaining game!
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Gaming Videos > Monday, December-04-2006

World of Warcraft Music Video

An action packed World of Warcraft awesome Music Video. What's special about this? Well this mage kicks the heck out of everything he encouters...
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