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Leaping Shampoo

Who would've thought shampoo could me so much fun? Scientists of the University of Twente made a video of leaping shampoo. This is actually a fluid effect called Kaye effect. Some fluids in motion can manifest this interesting effect. I don't know about the practical applications of it, but it's very beautiful! Enjoy!

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Comments for Leaping Shampoo


It's fascinating, though very, very WEIRD!

Bob :@} :D
posted by Guest at Wednesday, April-11-2007 16:39pm


Imagine what can happen when this is applied on a large scale, it would be unbelievable then!
Your Alice :clap: :D
posted by Guest at Thursday, April-12-2007 10:15am


Yup I agree, fascinating AND weird for sure!

posted by Jim McDish at Friday, August-15-2008 02:24am

you just

blew my mind.
posted by Dude at Friday, August-15-2008 03:16am

There's hope after all!

Thanks for this video. It has given me hope and inspiration. I can now move forward with my life into a bright and boundless future.
posted by jason at Friday, August-15-2008 05:12am


It appears to be forming a bowl shaped cavity under it's own weight - like letting the fast stream of water hit the inner edge of a bowl when you wash the dishes. The "bowl" of shampoo seems to have lubricatve properties allowing the new stream to slide over its surface. gatzke.
posted by gatzke at Friday, August-15-2008 05:55am


posted by Samuek at Friday, August-15-2008 09:23am

Wonder if it could be sustained

With an appropriate air flow maybe we could force the second jet away from the first. Wonder how long we could sustain it !
posted by DavidG at Friday, August-15-2008 12:10pm

I've seen this before...

It sounds random, but I saw something like this before when I was 7. My grandparents had these tumblers shaped like miniature punch bowls (dimple), and when you put water into them directly under the faucet (downward streamer), the water would leap straight up and to the right (outward streamer) and then suddenly stop.
posted by superanth at Friday, August-15-2008 15:06pm

Just one word...

posted by Wintershade at Tuesday, August-26-2008 22:01pm

wow is a understatement

"Imagine what can happen when this is applied on a large scale, it would be unbelievable then!" she has a point. what if u like used it 2 make a water show or sumtin. add some lights,music and other cool affects u could charge a bunch 4 admision.... chu ching
posted by sly at Saturday, December-20-2008 03:43am

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