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Technology and Health News > Thursday, November-20-2008

Carbon nanotube speakers

An amazing material was developed by Chinese scientists which is composed of carbon nanotube films and has a possible application (among otther) to produce the world's thinnest speakers.

Nanotubes, are a new carbon breed of material, which is 1000 times smaller than the width of a hair and can give sound with the "same quality of conventional speakers". This, however, does not require magnets of any sort or moving parts for that matter at all. You can easilly imagine speakers everywhere: on walls, helmets, thinner ear plugs or even on your shirt.

This is possible because very thin carbon nanotube films, with the right frequency of electric currents, can emit sound. It also has a wide frequency response range and high sound pressure.

It also turns out that they are practical to build, and are even stretchable. Here is a video with the actual speackers embedded in a flag!

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