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Funny > Tuesday, July-22-2008

P. Diddy is running

Lol. If you've been wondering what deep thoughts go on through P. Diddy's head while he is running, then this video is for you. Hilarity ensues at 0:48 when he explains to us that he is running and has 10 fingers. That's really deep, Diddy!

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Comments for P. Diddy is running

Wat a black mother fuker

Does this guy forget to go to wake up in the morning coz he's already awake?
I wonder if he's ever had a wank and been im bet he'd run out in the street and show every1 wat he can do!! "Look guys i'm wanking and i have two balls"

Stupid mother fuker

Peace out bitches
posted by Joe Williamson at Friday, August-29-2008 16:08pm


I love P.Diddley hes so deep ganna get deep into me one day oohhhhhhhh yhhhh.. luv ya peedils
posted by Emma Jones at Friday, August-29-2008 16:11pm

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