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Crazy RC helicopter pilotting skills

Some crazy piloting skills from this dude. First thought it was fake...then, I saw the shadow on the ground, and il looks real alright! Wow!

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Comments for Crazy RC helicopter pilotting skills


yeah, yeah, yeah ... but can he fly it straight and level?!??!!
posted by pocketpicker at Tuesday, June-24-2008 01:44am


This is OURIGHT fake. It simply goes against the laws of physics and even against good sense. This was done by a professional video maker, probably with lots of time to spare and a good workstation at his/her disposal. If you STILL think this is real just because of the ARTIFICIAL shadow on the ground, you're just too naive.
posted by John at Saturday, July-05-2008 02:22am

i've seen it done

i have actually seen this stuff done with a rc helicopter in person...i have seen curtis youngblood fly...although no real helicopter would do any of this it is possible to do with a nice rc one
posted by shawn at Wednesday, July-09-2008 05:52am


John, maybe you're thinking it's fake, but this is real. I saw also someone in The Netherlands doing almost exactly the same thing, so don't talk like a pro, nothing is wrong with the shadows and there's nothing video edited, maybe you're naive.
posted by Some0ne at Wednesday, March-04-2009 13:11pm


screw yu john
posted by dx at Friday, March-27-2009 07:57am

its fake

or the cameraman is a genius.
posted by pepe at Tuesday, May-05-2009 12:30pm


This isn't fake, it's real. The guy flying is Al Szabo Jnr one of the greatest 3D flyer in the world.
posted by Guest at Monday, September-07-2009 06:47am

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