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Riding the train like sardines

Damn! This video is from way back in 1991 in Japan. It's almost incredible to see how people could actually take the train in these conditions. Even canned sardines have more comfort :|

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Comments for Riding the train like sardines


Who farted?!
posted by guy at Sunday, April-06-2008 16:53pm


you did.
posted by guy2 at Sunday, April-06-2008 17:16pm


someone could die in there and no one would notice xD
posted by jdumont at Sunday, April-06-2008 17:30pm

you pervs..

i know what you are thinking
posted by perv at Sunday, April-06-2008 17:39pm

only in Japan

This can only happen in Japan LOL....wont work anywhere else
posted by matelot at Sunday, April-06-2008 19:09pm


Sorry for the lol, but its funny and tragic. When i first saw a guys pushing others into i thought, wow, he will get in trouble, as a officer aproached him. but than the officer starts pushing others too. uahuah. thats just insane.
posted by Melo at Monday, April-07-2008 02:51am

look for the trains in Argentina

in argentina, the people take the train in worst conditions,
the people were sitting on the roof of the train once a time.. it's really bad :wall:
posted by Nicolas at Sunday, April-20-2008 01:54am


posted by MILFEULLE SAKURABA at Monday, November-09-2009 02:22am

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