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Another point for the aspirin?

A study analysis conducted over the past 27 years by British researchers, suggests that some Fans can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

A review of studies published over the last 27 years suggests that the anti-inflammatory non-steroidal pharmacy drugs (Fans) such as aspirin could reduce the risk of breast cancer by as much as 20 per cent! In support, some experts of Guy's Hospital in London appeared in a publication of International Journal of Clinical Practice. According to Ian Fentiman, Fans could play an important role not only in prevention, but also as a therapy for women who have developed this type of cancer, combining their use with a hormonal treatment and using them as analgesics.

The purpose of the review on 21 searches conducted on 37,000 women from 1980 to 2007, was to uniform the studies performed with different approaches and methods and results which sometimes result in contradiction: "Some of these studies have not shown any correlation between using Fans and the incidence of breast cancer, "says Fentiman," while other more recent studies suggest that with only aspirin, a decrease in risk of 20 percent is possible. It is clear that further research is needed before we can say that some Fans are really effective as an anti-carcinogenic. Above all we need a careful assessment of side effects. "

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Comments for Another point for the aspirin?


Where can I find this review article?
posted by Ki at Thursday, March-13-2008 15:16pm

Re: Review

It's all over the net. Try googling "aspirin cancer". For example:
posted by Cristian at Thursday, March-13-2008 17:16pm

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