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Blasphemy can be funny (part 2)

Jessus Marlboro country
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pope and sexy magazine

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Comments for Blasphemy can be funny (part 2)


The first two..not so funny. Last one..I smiled. But that's about it.
posted by Hez at Tuesday, February-19-2008 16:45pm


Picking harmless targets, eh? How about picturing old Mo the Prophet in the same vein? Or the Koran with a label like that on the Bible in part 1?

No? Too scared?

Thought so.

And no, I'm not Christian. I'm an atheist. And I know it's just humor. But when I see such things these days, these thoughts just think themselves..
posted by Alex at Friday, February-22-2008 03:52am

Hez is a bit of a douche

I love it how people feel they should comment on how much something did or didn't make them laugh. You smiled on the third pic... well good on you.

And what's with the humourless atheist guy, Alex? Must all funny Jesus pics be balanced out with Mo pics? Mo just aint as funny and Mo lovers aren't as funny with their replies. Christians come back with all sorts of nonsense, while Mo-men just give death threats... which, well yeah, is kinda funny. :wall:
posted by Mothrust at Saturday, February-23-2008 04:26am

i concur

wow guys wow.
im a big cristian right. im not offended!
i think its some funny crap!
who cares that theres no koran or mo stuff.
more jesus people are gunna look at this anyways.
oh and alex? u need to get laid.....bad....or just get a sense of humor. :)
posted by Kati-bo-beth at Monday, May-19-2008 19:43pm


Achei muito bem essa cadeira pois nos samos filhos de Deus
posted by Maria Luiza at Saturday, September-20-2008 12:18pm

Religion in general is friggin hilarious

The idea of a Super Santa Claus and equally super Fred Claus is just plain hilarious, and ridiculous. Blasphemy itself isn't hilarious, it's the reaction it gets from religious nutjobs.
posted by j4m3z at Tuesday, December-09-2008 23:19pm


I don't actually get the first two, the last is funny. By the way, ppl really need to lighten up :cool: ps, im christian + dont find it offensive
posted by L3UR3 at Thursday, April-23-2009 17:59pm


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by Guest at Thursday, December-10-2009 14:43pm

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