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Extreme Photoshop makeover

As you already know, pictures in women's and men's magazines are usually touched up before making the pages of those magazines. They remove eye rings, and any form of skin imperfections. Watch this video and see how far they can go with it! It's incredible! Enjoy!

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Comments for Extreme Photoshop makeover


how can i download it free? :D :)
posted by cool at Thursday, September-25-2008 16:07pm


foarte tare :D vreau si eu programul pt poze din filmuletele de mai jos :-/ please :pray:
posted by caramelo at Monday, February-09-2009 09:58am


this progrem is cooool!!! :) :) :) :D :roll:
posted by robert at Wednesday, June-17-2009 17:41pm


how to dowload this program??
posted by robert at Saturday, June-20-2009 16:57pm

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