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Funny > Friday, December-01-2006

Sexy Man Trap

A sexy and lonely girl picks up guys in a pub in England. Now, if that wouldn't be weird enough, she invites them for "party" at her place. It all seems perfect just there is a catch...Have fun :)

Also from the same show you can watch the Annoying Devil Clips and Crazy Urban Sports (Laughter guaranteed).
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Funny > Friday, December-01-2006

Funny videos of UK game shows

Another part of the UK TV show "Balls of Steel". This time a guy called Alex Zane tries to mess up peoples minds with two "games": a "lie detector" game and a spelling game. Useless to say that they're both very funny videos and worth wile watching. Have fun ;)

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Funny > Thursday, November-30-2006

Crazy Urban Sports

These 3 clips are from the same show as the Annoying Devil Clips form Channel 4 in the UK. From these clips I really laughed very hard especially at the Urban Sprinting one. Hope you will enjoy them all and remember: Don't try this at home! :)

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Funny > Wednesday, November-29-2006

The Annoying Devil Clips

Found these while browsing the net...They're from a show on Channel 4 in the UK. They're of a guy dressed up in a red cape (duh!) who pulls off despicable but hilarious deeds. Click on full story to see them all (if you haven't already done so). Have fun watching the "Annoying Devil" LOL.

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Funny > Wednesday, November-15-2006

Robot Chicken - Giraffe

Didn't get the chance to see the "Robot Chicken" show, but if it's all like's arguably better than South Park. I laugh just thinking of that giraffe: "I am gonna bite some one in the face!" LOL.
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Cool > Tuesday, November-14-2006

Pool with non-newtonian fluid

A non-newtonian fluid under stress reacts as a solid. In this case they filled a pool with a mix of cornstarch and water made on a concrete mixer truck. It becomes a non-newtonian fluid.
Update: Liquid Armor is one of this fluid's applications.
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Cool > Friday, November-03-2006

Awesome MIT whiteboard

This is actually a design environment which includes a white board. Have a's truly awesome.
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Gaming Videos > Wednesday, November-01-2006

Halo Music Video Hell

Very funny interpretation of different music videos....
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WTF..?! > Wednesday, November-01-2006

Toei Spider-Man: Miyauchi Hiroshi

Funny Japanese TV show which features Spiderman and his giant robot (Power Ranger style) defeating Dr. Doom (which somehow has a sword and knows kung-fu). If this wasn't enough a cowboy with a guitar comes into play :))
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Funny > Wednesday, November-01-2006

Women working in constructions

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