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Funny > Friday, December-08-2006

Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut

Very nice spoof of the famous MTV show: Cribs. Visit Spock and his friends in a short tour of his crib. LOL.
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Cool > Thursday, December-07-2006

The largest nuclear weapon ever: Tsar Bomba 50 Megatons

The largest nuclear weapon ever constructed or detonated was the Russian Tsar Bomba . It was detonated at 4000 m altitude the 30th of October 1961 at Mityushikha Bay test range, on the Novaya Zemlya Island. It had a yield of 50 Megatons. Awesome power!!!
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Tech > Thursday, December-07-2006

X-Ray An Egg

Cool experiment using an egg and a candle. The result is that you can see the inside of the egg just like an X-Ray (without the radiation :)). Pretty amazing for such a simple experiment!

X-Ray An Egg - video powered by Metacafe
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WTF..?! > Thursday, December-07-2006

Disturbing Japanese Video

The original video is a cartoon potty training video for Japanese kids (*creepy*). Of course some guy decided it wasn't disturbing enough and added a "translation" to it (made up) and the result...well you got to see it to believe it...
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Funny > Thursday, December-07-2006

Download Videos Straight into your Brain with Eye Fi

"The latest in download technology and best of all, practically invisible" LOL. So funny...just watch!!! "Thanks Eye Fi"
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Tech > Wednesday, December-06-2006

Cool Video of a Sound Resonance Experiment

An awesome video of a sound resonance experiment. By raising the wavelength of the sound beautiful patterns (and more complex) appear in the powder. Just another demonstration that physics can be beautiful :cool:
Also check out this Fire Spectroscope Video. It's also awesome.
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Ouch > Wednesday, December-06-2006

F-18 Fighter plane vs. One Bird

At take off an F-18 dual-seat fighter plane hits a bird. Fortunately the pilots manage to eject just in-time, but the plane and the bird didn't make it.
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Funny > Wednesday, December-06-2006

Balls of Steel: The Bunny Boiler

This is another clip from the UK TV show "Balls of Steel". This part is about a girl who hits on a guy right in front of his girlfriend. Needless to say that the result is hilarious. Cool :)
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Big in Japan > Wednesday, December-06-2006


This is among my favorite funny clips on this site. As the title says the aim of this Japanese TV contest is NOT TO LAUGH. It may seem simple, but it is harder than you think. For me it was definitely impossible ! Have fun !
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Tech > Tuesday, December-05-2006

Liquid Armor Video

This is a followup of Pool with non newtonian fluid. As seen there non-newtonian fluids can have different properties (fluid/liquid) depending on the stress. Here is an up-to-date application for the military: Liquid Armor. Enjoy!

Liquid Armor - video powered by Metacafe
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