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Amazing > Wednesday, April-22-2009

Time-lapse video of Tokyo

It's an amazing time-lapse video of Tokyo shot over a span of...are you sitting down? year! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Amazing > Wednesday, April-15-2009

Fastest electric car in existence?

This baby should go head to head in a drag race with a F1 car, not a Corvette. Damn..this the fastest accelerating, road legal car I've ever seen. Too bad the owner is so full of himself :( Enjoy the show!

Amazing > Tuesday, April-14-2009

Where did the car go?

I've never seen something so spectacular. In my opinion the vaporisation of a car in slow motion gets the top of my list. Does it even get cooler than this? What will the Myth Busters do next? Enjoy the incredible vid!

Amazing > Monday, April-13-2009

Landing the space shuttle from a cockpit perspective

I can call this the ultimate thrill! Landing the space shuttle. No engines, just plain ol' gliding! It's deifinitely a tribute to the amazing skills that the pilot/astronaut has! Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, April-07-2009

Spectacular crash in the rally of Portugal

The funny thing about all of this is that the driver actually survived. That just goes to show you how far you can go with safety roll cage, a 6 point harness, special Recaro driving seats with lateral support, and a racing helmet. can literally fall off a mountain with it! Just watch!

Amazing > Monday, March-30-2009

Insane golf shot

Given enough time, it is said that a monkey could write Shakespear's Hamlet. In the same idea, we can say that this show was bound to happen sooner or later. Let's see him do that this lifetime!

Amazing > Monday, March-30-2009

Superb low level flying

Here's a crazy pilot flying his plane way too low for his own sake. But it's cool nonetheless, and somebody should buy this guy a drink for his courage, and then make sure he never flies a plane again. Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, March-25-2009

1908 tram ride in Barcelona

This amazing film is from 1908. 100 years ago, if you think about it. Most likely, all the people in this movie are now dead. Yet, there is something magnificent about it. The simplicity about their everyday livers...the sun, the noise of the bussy markets. Simply enchanting! Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, March-24-2009

Amazing miniature world toy set

An incredible miniature world, complete with trains, automobiles, and people. The details are simply staggering. This can be found in (where else?) Germany, at the Miniature Wunderland. Ja. Zer gut.

Amazing > Tuesday, March-10-2009

Croczilla on video

One of the biggest crocodiles to have ever been captured (if not the biggest) has been filmed here on camera. It is huge, but still is a dwarf compared to one of its ancestors: Sarcosuchus, which could reach 12m and weigh as much as 10 tons! Enjoy!

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