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Amazing > Thursday, July-16-2009

Creepy Ant Circle

Here's a creepy footage, of ants running around in a circle. Probably in the middle there's the queen or something. Pretty creepy stuff. Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, July-14-2009

Ladybug invasion

A ladybug invasion has occured in a mountain town in Colorado, United States. Insects have covered everything: they are in the walls of houses, cars and trees.

Trunks of trees appear to be alive, and people can't stand outside too much because the ladybugs are everywhere. Specialists say that this year the insects are more numerous than usual because it rained a lot, even during the mating season of the ladybug. center>

Amazing > Wednesday, July-01-2009

Ultraprecise form of art

Artist Willard Wigan creates ultraprecision. This is precision work done by people and seems seems to have surpassed even machinery in the kind of details this guy is able to create. Does anyone want a statue of liberty sculpture that can fit in the ear of a needle?

Amazing > Tuesday, June-23-2009

Last footage of Moon satellite

Japan launched a satellite to circle the Moon. It did what it was supposed to do, and brought home incredible images. Now, it was time for it to go to sleep. It's too bad that it lands on the dark side of the moon, but the footage near the end must have been just feet above the surface. Very cool! Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, June-15-2009

A trip downtown PyongYang

The People's Democratic Republic of Koreea might be playing with nuclear bombs, but when you go through PyongYang, you can't help but feel sad, for the people that live there. It's almost a ghost town. People are probably too hungry and miserable to go outside. Really sad!

Amazing > Wednesday, June-03-2009

Craziest job ever

Wow...I wonder what the pay for this crazy job is. It looks very dangerous, and walking on high voltage lines isn't exactly a good prospect for reaching the retirement years.'s cool and you've got a good view. Enjoy!

Amazing > Thursday, May-21-2009

White blood cells in action

White blood cells protect us from infections and all kind of nasties. A low white cell count in your blood can spell danger, as you are exposed to the environment. you know how they work? Actually they are just a big predator in our blood. Here's a video showing them in action, hunting. Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, May-18-2009

Brilliant video story

A life's story told in a few seconds. It's a little sad, but the video does indeed reveal the essence of life. A simple, yet beautiful creation. Congrats to the guy who came up with this idea! Enjoy!

Update: Replaced video host from vimeo (was removed) to youtube. Enhoy!

Amazing > Thursday, April-23-2009

Crazy junction in Hanoi

It's a crazy junction, the kind that you can only find in third world countries, yet people seem to manage just fine going through it. Scary and crazy at the same time! Enjoy and sorry for the poor video quality.

Amazing > Thursday, April-23-2009

Airplane emergency landing viewed from cockpit

Here's a skilled flyer right here: in a real emergency situation this airplane instructor manages to get this plane safely on the ground. Bonus: landing the plane on a paved road, and parking it off the road so not to cause an accident. Great skills! Enjoy!

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