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Amazing > Wednesday, September-30-2009

Flood in Turkey as filmed in a data center

Here's a footage which apparently is from Turkey. It's from a close circuit camera which was in the Vodafone's data center in the country. Here's how this turns from a little water to a freaking disaster in under 10 minutes :|

Amazing > Wednesday, September-30-2009

Another lucky guy

Well this guy got trapped under a semi after it rolled on top of his car. Amazingly he lived. Even cooler is the fact that although this happened in America, he doesn't speak English :)) Enjoy!

Amazing > Thursday, September-24-2009

Lucky guy miraculously doesn't get hit by crashing bus

This guy must have seen his whole life pass before his eyes...Or maybe he didn't have the time for that as he reacted so fast, that you have to watch the replay to see how the heck he didn't get hit. Anyway, it was his lucky day!

Amazing > Thursday, September-03-2009

F18 low fly-by

There's nothing more beautiful than a low fly-by in my opinion. Here's a scary one for you to enjoy!

Amazing > Thursday, August-27-2009

Street racing on public roads

This guy is a little bit bananas for trying something like this on the streets of a city (Moscow, I think). I hope his insurance company gets a hold of this video :) Anyway, enjoy the ride!

Amazing > Thursday, August-27-2009

Man plays with lions

This guy takes care of 38 lions. They accept him as one of their own, and play with him normally. It is truly an amazing sight. Enjoy the two videos, and if you like them, go on Youtube as there are a lot more!

Amazing > Tuesday, August-11-2009

Truck tire almost pwns cop

A heavy truck tire comes rushing on the emergency lane on a bridge, just where a cop was attending a guy changing his tire. Enough to say, that the cop didn't know what hit him, and probably later realised how lucky he was. Wow!

Amazing > Monday, August-10-2009

Bus crashes into subway station

Here's a spectacular footage with both inside and outside view of the bus while crashing into the subway station. The crash itself is caused by a car from the oncoming traffic which hits the bus. Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, July-21-2009

'77 Las Vegas at night!

An oldie but goldie: Las Vegas as could be seen in 1977. This is probably how will look back to 2009, 30 years from now. Amazing how things change at a faster and faster rate!

Amazing > Monday, July-20-2009

Cool compilation of lightning strikes

As the title says, this video is a compilation of some of the coolest, and closest lighning stikes caught on camera. Some of them have been previously featured on this blog, but the compilation is definitely worth watching. Enjoy the light show!

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