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Cool > Thursday, March-19-2009

Baa-Studs present: LED sheep hurding

They've recreated some stuff using LEDs and sheep. Yes, sheep. If you've never seen fireworks imitations with sheep, then do not miss this video. :) Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, March-18-2009

Cement throwing at its finest

Yup. South African contractors (if you can call them so) have apparently an extra skill: cement throwing. Shovel and all. I can definitely see its use. Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, March-16-2009

The craziest wall clock you'll ever see!

Never mind the guy talking in the vid, just watch this awesome clock do its thing, and look at the details on it. I would definitely want one of these! Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, March-12-2009

X-treme 4x4 action

You have probably seen, some of the clips in this compilation, and while the first one might be fake, the others aren't! And the stuff those cars are doing, is mind blowing! Daddy wants one of these puppies! Enjoy the extreme action!

Cool > Tuesday, March-10-2009

Ball boy helps soccer team score

At an incredible fast pace, the ball boy, gives the ball back to the home team, thus enabling them an easy, yet spectacular goal. That boy deserves a beer! :)

Cool > Monday, March-09-2009

Total destruction with explosives

People have been fascinated with explosives since ancient times. That's why fireworks are here. But sometimes you want more. This video shows the controlled destruction of explosives against several various obsolete structures. Enjoy the mayhem!

Cool > Wednesday, March-04-2009

Changing the wheel on a 50mph

Here's a cool stunt: changing the front wheel on a motorcycle at 50mph. It's got to be the first time anyone has attempted this, and a new record. Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, March-02-2009

Free mines for everyone

Wow. In a few seconds you can have an area the size of a football field mined that's going to take ages to clear. Talk about effectiveness and immoral weapons that cause civilian casualities... Anyway, the mine layer is pretty cool.

Cool > Tuesday, February-24-2009

Red Army Choir and Leningrad Cowboys - Happy Together

I've never listened to the Red Army Choir before, but I must say they make a hell of a good choir, not to mention the show they put on with those costumes and the lead singer. Anyway, enjoy the song!

Cool > Monday, February-23-2009

Automatic shotgun prototype

If you find yourself trapped in an episode of "Night of the living dead" and you are fighting scores of Zombies, then you might find a use for this little shotgun. Otherwise, it's just another cool gun. Enjoy!

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