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Cool > Tuesday, April-21-2009

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody with a twist!

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody played on old computer & electronics equipment. 'nuff said, right? Sit back & enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, April-15-2009

Fox gracefully hunts in the snow

I haven't seen something so beautiful in quite some time. This fox hears its prey an uses its years to home in on the location. Once it has done this, it simply pounces head first into the snow for another win. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, April-09-2009

Puma or GM + Segway = Awesome

A really cool gadget, which I can see beeing used for an every day commute in the city. Practical, and (maybe) cheap, it would be ideal. Not to mention the lack of pollution, as it would be an electric vehicle! Cool!

Cool > Monday, April-06-2009

Inside one of Google's datacenters

Have you ever wondered how one of Google's datacenters looks like? If so, this video, shows you exactly that. It might not be the biggest or the most powerfull data center out there, but it is one of the most important, as the information from the whole web is stored in such datacenters. Pretty impressive. Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, April-01-2009

Nothing can escape the Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun

Get me 3 guys each equipped with one of these babies, and I'll have my private army, with which I can take over the world :D Anyway...300 shots/minute, for a shotgun is epic! EnjoY the Show!

Cool > Tuesday, March-31-2009

How to use chop sticks : Video tutorial

If you are planning a trip to Asia, or simply want to show off to your friends when dining at a Chinese place, then this video is for you! It shows clearly the proper way to use Chinese chop sticks. Really easy to learn from this video! Props to the "teacher"! Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, March-26-2009

Rocket trip back to Earth

A film footage from NASA showing the trip of a solid rocket booster, from the moment it separates from the space shuttle, to its landing. Awesome! Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, March-24-2009

Dude jumps from plane in his shorts

Here's another example of a crazy dude doing some incredibly stupid stuff and filming it. He decides to jump out of the plane with no parachute...just with his shorts. Luckily, his friends are there to catch him...this time. Enjoy the show!

Cool > Monday, March-23-2009

MAD R/C plane flying skills

The most ridicoulos and mad skills on this dude. He's flying a remote controlled airplane indoors, in a gymnasium. The stunts he does will simply blow you away. Guess he doesn't have anything better to do at home. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, March-19-2009

Huge flock of birds in South Africa

Flying a very tight formation, this flock of bird make for an impressive view at dusk/dawn. Here's a vid showing just this type of mesmerizing beauty, for you to enjoy!

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