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Cool > Tuesday, May-26-2009

The ultimate transporting vehicle

If you are living in a trailer park, then this little boy is the ultimate hi-tech gadget that you simply have to have! What are you waiting for? The La-Z-Boy 3000 is a bargain!

Cool > Monday, May-25-2009

Fireworks and ice mix well

Shooting fireworks underwater, on a frozen lake isn't exactly what you first think off. But these guys (having a lot of free time on their hand) apparently tried it, and the result is more than spectacular. It's really cool! Enjoy the fireworks show!

Cool > Monday, May-25-2009

Base jumpers riding on the thermals

You can have lots of fun jumping off a tall cliff and riding the ascending thermal winds. Just look at these guys doing it like pros. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, May-21-2009

The whole MacGyver collection on YouTube

For all of those who loved MacGyver in the 80's, here's a link to the whole 7 seasons, which can be watched freely. Unfortuantely, the videos are available for just a few countries :(

Here's the link:


Cool > Tuesday, May-19-2009

Cockpit view of a carrier landing

How does it feel to land on a small piece of runway in the middle of the ocean? Well you can be a part of that, by watching this cool video. Notice that the pilot gets it right the first time aroud :) There are no other viable alternatives at sea :D Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, May-13-2009

Homemade handmade holograms

By using thumbtacks this guy managed to obtaind some stuningly cool hologram that are just scratched onto the surface. By using the sun as a tool, he showcases this achievement. Pretty cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, May-07-2009

Fastest toe truck driver EVER!

Look closely, so you won't miss it. This toe truck drivers comes in fast for the kill. He backs up, picks the car up, and is gone faster than you can buy a newspaper. He's got serious skills! Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, May-07-2009

Dust devil causes chaos at baseball game

Appearing out of nowhere, two dust devils started spinning their magic on a kids baseball game in Japan. Of course, chaos insued. Enjoy the fun!

Cool > Tuesday, May-05-2009

Thunderstorm viewed from high-up in the sky

An awesome video taken from the window of a passanger airplane, of a thunderstorm. You've never seen lightning so close ever, and that's why you shouldn't miss this video. Very spectacular! Enjoy the lightning show!

Cool > Monday, May-04-2009

Pong shots are back!

I haven't seen anymore cool ping pong ball tricks in the past year, so this video is a breath of fresh air. A bunch of college students, with just too much free time on their hands decide to make this cool and amusing video. Let's watch and enjoy!

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