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Cool > Thursday, July-02-2009

Meet the super toaster

Is this a toaster or a mortar? Anyway, these guys seem to have a lot of fun with it.

Cool > Tuesday, June-30-2009

Chalk and blackboard stop-motion animation

Here's a cool stop-motion animation made only with a chalk and blackboard. It seems that when you've got talent, it doesn't matter what you use it for, it will always be great. Enjoy this artistic stop-motion animation video!

Cool > Monday, June-22-2009

Awesome game mod

This is one of the coolest homemade mods I've seen recently for gaming consoles. It really has the potential to revolutionize First Person Shooters like they are now. This mod consists of a 7" display and a few gyros mounted on top of a regular console weapon. The result is simply awesome. Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, June-17-2009

Brilliant shot from half court

NBA's Dwight Howard, manages a magnificent shot from half court. Too bad that the cameras weren't closer to the hoop, to see this shot in all its glory. Very cool shot. Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, June-17-2009

Ice cream show

This Ice Cream Acrobat makes a show out of serving you your ice cream. Really cool to watch, but I don't know if I would have the paitience to put up with this for so long. I would've just slapped him and left with my ice cream. Anyway, enjoy the show!

Cool > Friday, June-12-2009

Neat cigarette trick

Well, smoking is not good for your health, but you already know that. However, if you'll be smoking anyway, then it could be an opportuniy to learn some very cool tricks. For example, this guy has some amazing skills, and it's a miracle that he didn't yet light his hair on fire! Enjoy the show!

Cool > Tuesday, June-09-2009

Color footage from WWI

Here's an 100year old film, in color, showing the trench warfare of WWI. It's the first color video I've ever seen of the Wirst Worl War, and I have to admit that it's all pretty grey... as was the war itself for that matter.

Cool > Tuesday, June-02-2009

Incendiary drifts with an Impreza STI

Ken Block manages to do things with his car, that most drifters would never dream off. Just watch this clip: Gymkhana second part, and you will be conviced! And in case you are wondering, this care is heavily modified to have a rear wheel drive, and 566 bhp!

Cool > Monday, June-01-2009

How to hide a beer can

Let's say you're at workm and your boss is giving you a hard time about a due date on a project. What can you do? You can't open up a can of beer and drown your sorrows. Here's a solution: have a beer, while everyone thinks it's a coke. Cool!

Cool > Thursday, May-28-2009

Monster truck does a backflip

Can a monster truck do a backflip? Apparently...YES! And it is one spectacular backflip. Enjoy!

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