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Cool > Thursday, August-13-2009

Robot hand way faster than the human eye

This robotic hand, can catch balls, juggle with straws and even bounce balls, way faster than you and I can. It's staggering, and may open up a whole new range of applications. Very cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, August-12-2009

Ant wars

An interesting video from a BBC documentary about ants. Here's how a war is waged between red ants and the smaller diver ants. Can you guess who wins?

Cool > Wednesday, August-12-2009

Now this is what I call a boat!

Here's how a nitro powered boat launches from the starting line. Woow. More like a jet airplane than a boat! Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, August-10-2009

The solution to lateral parking

Here's the smart solution found by this Indian dude to the everyday problem of lateral parking. You've probably seen it before, but not in action :D I bet some women wish it would come as standard on new cars :p Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, August-06-2009

Exacavator crushes car with water

So, what happens if 42 metric tons of water are dropped from a giant excavator onto a car? The result is staggering! Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, August-06-2009

Incredible hill jump

This jump is probably to good to be true, so I call it fake. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and these guys really did make one of the coolest hill jumps in history. Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, August-05-2009

When the traffic lights aren't working...

When the traffic lights aren't working or when people don't respect the rules (like allowing cars trapped in the intersection to clear it, before entering) general chaos ensues. Here is such an example from Peking China. Probably a policeman arived to clear the mess. Enjoy the chaos!

Cool > Wednesday, August-05-2009

Can you pop a balloon from inside a balloon?

The answer you are looking for lies in the next video and is more high-tech than you might think! It actually uses a special kind of laser that gets absorbed by the dark colored balloon. Cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, July-15-2009

Loudest car horn in the World

Taken from a WW2 navy destroyer this will wake up the dead. It can be heard for over 9 miles. Holly sh!t.

Cool > Tuesday, July-14-2009

World's Fastest...

A compilation of some of the World's fastest performers. Pretty self explanatory really. Enjoy!

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