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Cool > Tuesday, September-29-2009

Impressive pocket bike jump

An impressive stunt from two professionals. The stunt itself is clearly a great achievement and as you can see has been well prepared. Although the take-off was perfect, I think that the landing on the other side of the river was a little off, and they can work some more on it, before they can go mainstream. Enjoy this spectacular stunt! Wow!

Cool > Wednesday, September-16-2009

Incredible tennis shot from Federer

Cool > Wednesday, September-16-2009

Toyota - Human Touch Commercial

This is definitely one of the best and smartest commercials I have seen in a long time. It's from the no.1 car maker: Toyota, and is really cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, September-09-2009

Thunderstorm in Frankfurt

Actually I think I was in Frankfurt at the time this video was filmed, however I slept like a baby that night :D So...I think it was more of a light show than a proper thunderstorm that would rip the roofs off the houses. Anyway, this video makes it look very violent. Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, September-08-2009

How does a 1 Million Volt Tesla Coil look like?

So how does a Tesla Coil that can discharge 1 million volts look like, and what damage can it do? Well, from the next video it seems obvious that you wanna stay WAAAAAYYYYY back when it's operating. Now that is a true light show! Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, September-07-2009

Homemade Rube Goldberg machine

Here's a cool video of a homemade Rube Goldberg machine, probably done with everything these guys had in their home, excluding the kitchen sink :) Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, August-24-2009

Latvian Flash Mob

Not a real flash mob per se, as the one invented by the Japanese, but this will have to do. A bunch of normal dressed people in a plaza, suddenly start dancing to folk music. The result is pretty spectacular. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, August-20-2009

2 Girls, 1 bike

and some incredible stunts. Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, August-19-2009

Geeky rocking cradle mod

Here's a geeky way to rock your child to sleep. Verry cool, and a real time saver. Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, August-18-2009

Parallel parking ace at fresh age

A cool and funny video of a young kid who does a racing-style parallel parking in a small toy car. Really cool! Enjoy!

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