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Cool > Monday, November-30-2009

Personal helicopter

Hey, I am not sure if this is a revisit on the personal helicopter thing, but it is so cool that I cannot ignore it. Really one neat idea, that can allow safe passage over very difficult terrain if you have a big enough tank of gas. Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, November-25-2009

Interesting XBOX-360 PC case mod

It would have been a lot easier I guess if this guy would have just bought a similar case from the store, rather than build his own. Cheaper, too. Well, I guess that if you're dying to have a XBOX 360 case, for your PC this would be the way to do it. Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, November-16-2009

Cat out hunting

A beautiful feline specimen hunting a feather. Just look and see what perfect eye-movement coordination it has. It is really something impressive, and why feline are such great hunters. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, November-12-2009

Parking escape

Here's a great maneuver to get out of a really tight parking situation. Props to the guy. Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, November-09-2009

Remote controlled jet airplane crash

These remote controlled jets can be quite expensive, but whats really interesting is that they crash exactly like their bigger counterparts: in a huge fireball. Anyway, I guess that being a spectator at one of these events is even more dangerous! Enjoy this spectacular crash!

Cool > Monday, November-09-2009

Snow Kayaking

I can't understand why somebody would go high up on the cliffs and jump from that using a boat (kayak in this case). Maybe they do have too much adrenaline, but I guess it would be spent better as a firefighter or as a soldier. Anyway the crash at 3:22 proves that kayaks were meant for water!

Cool > Thursday, October-29-2009

Driving a Jaguar

So here's the ultimate way of driving a Jaguar. If you don't get noticed by driving like this, then you probably really are invisible. Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, October-20-2009

Fastest way down a steep hill

It seems that the fastest way down a steep hill is through backflips. Here's a demonstration on how to do it properly. By all means, please try this at home, or wherever possible and send us the resulting video. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, October-08-2009

The little robot that could

This little robot is being developed for the US military in order to do light and dangerous reconnaissance missions. What's impressive about it, is the fact that it can jump over fences. You have to see it to believe it! Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, October-05-2009

Cool projections

Here are some projections from a private party. They are among the coolest I have ever seen. Really ingenious work! Enjoy!

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