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Cool > Monday, January-25-2010

One mad cat

This little kitty is really shows real courage. It defends it's territory from a black bear, which wants to steal the trash. Lucky for the kitty that the bear didn't want anything to do with it. And the bear still stole the trash. Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, January-12-2010

6.5 Richter scale earthquake in the US

Here is a CCTV footage from a supermarket, showing what a 6.5 earthquake looks like as seen in Arcata, CA. I'm not sure at what intensity the quake was felt in this town, but it does look pretty scarry. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, January-07-2010

Tree huggers get what's coming to them

I am really sorry for the whales, but I am really happy that those tree huggers got what they probably deserved: their modern boat got split in two when they tried to cut-off the whaler. Luckily for them, they got rescued fast by the other ship, otherwise the Arctic Sea would have been merciless. Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, December-28-2009

Climb like a goat

Apparently the term "climb like a goat" is a compliment. To prove this, here is a goat playing on a nearly vertical wall. Props to mother nature for giving it the skills and physical abilities to achieve this!

Cool > Wednesday, December-23-2009

Subaru Impreza WRX STI pulls truck out of the snow

Most likely the truck just needed a nudge to get it off the snow. I'm saying this because there is no way that that small cord would hold 20 tons. Trucks are towed with metal bars! Anyway Subaru must thank the Impreza owner, as this video is better than any commercial they could have ever made! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, December-23-2009

LMC Super Cuda vs. Ferrari Enzo

Here's an awesome video challenge between a 1345 horsepower Plymouth Barracuda and the the Ferrari Enzo. It seems that the car with the most horsepower is not always the best one. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, December-17-2009

1600 euro keyboard

What is so special about it you ask? Well, instead of keys it has mini-displays. This means that you can arrange the keys however you want, and it will simply display the new layout. Awesome, right? Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, December-10-2009

C-130 landing and take-off on an aircraft carrier

Skip to the 2:00 mark, to see this magnificent bird take-off and land on an aircraft carrier. I can only compare it to a bumblebee landing on a flower. Enjoy the cool action!

Cool > Tuesday, December-08-2009

Disappearing bottle trick

Here's a cool video in how to make a bottle disappear in a glass. Pretty amazing effect, huh? Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, December-01-2009

Kite lights

Here's a nice light arrangement for a Christmas decoration: a flying kite with lights attached to it. Pretty cool. Enjoy!

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