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Cool > Wednesday, February-18-2009

Grand Slam bombs

The biggest bombs available before the nuke, were the ten tonne "Grand Slam" bombs. This video shows how massive they were, and what they could do upon impacting the ground. Pretty cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, February-18-2009

Barrel spinning anyone?

How accurate can you spin a barrel at a distance? If you are like me, you've never tried it in your life. Well, these guys are aces in this matter. Have a look of what tricks they have up their sleeve! Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, February-16-2009

Slalom skateboarding

It looks weird, but it still is an amazing achievement. It should also be noted, that this man trained 15 years (yes, fifteen years) to get to where he is: world record holder for slalom sakeboarding. Pretty cool. Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, February-12-2009

Skating on the highway

What do you do when rain freezes over on the highway, and you can't use your car to go to work? Use a pair of skates! It looks pretty fun. traffic :D Enjoy!

Cool > Friday, February-06-2009

Beer bottle dominoes

Have you ever seen a beer bottle used as dominoes? Me neither. I wonder how many got broken after this video, and who cleaned up the mess :) Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, February-04-2009

Liquid smoke: cigarette trick

A little old, but I guess it's still as cool as ever. In this video this dude does it with paper, but I've seen it done with cigars also. Pretty cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, February-04-2009

It's alive!

Put some cornstarch on a speaker, turn up the volume, and if the frequency is low enough you can get one of these little puppies! :D Looks like it's alive! Enjoy!

Cool > Tuesday, February-03-2009

Scary bridge

You couldn't pay me enough to go on this bridge. Really! Look about midway into the video and you'll see that there are some broken bridge pieces, and the walking path narrows down to less than half. Scary stuff! Enjoy!

Cool > Friday, January-30-2009

Hammer vs. Feather...on the Moon

Which will hit the dusty surface of the Moon first? It's a classic, you learn in school, but, it's cooler to see it in action! Enjoy!

Cool > Thursday, January-29-2009

Old school snowmobile

Here's an oldie but goldie. A snowmobile from the 1920's, like they don't make them anymore. Actually made from a tractor, and it is a pretty impressive machinery. Have a watch & enjoy!

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