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Cool tricks with a denser-than-air gas

Here are some cool tricks you can do at home with a gas that is denser than air. Pretty cool, especially after inhaling it!

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Comments for Cool tricks with a denser-than-air gas

I need other gas with the same propieritys like this gas

Please I need you help and please do not write with difficult vocabulary because I am a begginer
thank you :D
posted by Guest at Tuesday, August-07-2007 22:02pm

Heavy gasses

Other gasses that are heavier than air: Argon, CO2, ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), butane (C4H10), all the Freons (CF4, C2F6, C2F4H2, CF2Cl2), and others. :cool:
posted by Guest at Wednesday, August-08-2007 13:25pm

can i use c2o to do this experiment?

I need other gas to do this experiment. The gas can not be toxic and explosive. Thanksssssssssssssssssssssss
EGC :cool:
posted by Guest at Thursday, August-09-2007 19:27pm

necesito un gas mas economico

hola, necesito un buen experimento para mi feria de ciencias y este me ha convencido, pero necesito un gas economico y que no se peligroso, agradezco sus consejos
posted by Kaiser at Sunday, May-18-2008 18:34pm


These gases are dangerous to inhale in large amounts, because they fill the lungs and let no oxygen in ( since they are heavier ) If you try this, on the chance that you inhale too much, turn your body upside down, and leave your mouth open so the heavier gas will escape your body
posted by Acepilot at Sunday, October-05-2008 02:48am


Bitch suck a dick :hand: :hand:
posted by Jqacr at Thursday, June-18-2009 03:24am

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