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Funny > Saturday, May-05-2007

A Little Kid Launched off a Bean Bag

While it may seem an impossibility, this guy managed to launch his little brother into the air using only a bean bag. The guy who submitted the video on Youtube says the little boy wasn't hurt, and we'll have tot take his word for it. Hilarious! Enjoy!

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Comments for A Little Kid Launched off a Bean Bag

Big Brother is a Loser

This idiot could have broken his brother's neck. Watch the slow motion part at the end. The little kid lands on the back of his head and neck. The big brother is a loser.
posted by Guest at Sunday, May-06-2007 04:34am


What a fool, that little boy was hurt and frightened. I hope their Mother kicked the big brother's arse HARD.
posted by Guest at Thursday, May-10-2007 00:19am

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