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Crazy Urban Sports

These 3 clips are from the same show as the Annoying Devil Clips form Channel 4 in the UK. From these clips I really laughed very hard especially at the Urban Sprinting one. Hope you will enjoy them all and remember: Don't try this at home! :)

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bkn :clap: :doh: :pray: :red:
posted by elizabeth at Thursday, April-17-2008 13:12pm

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:clap: hola amigos

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posted by kairuca at Sunday, February-01-2009 17:26pm

mbt sports

yeah that chuckle is definitely gonna give me nightmares!!! (it went on a TAD too long
posted by mbt sports shoes at Monday, April-18-2011 06:58am

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Copper electrical cable

I think you will actually find quite a few adults (even baby boomers) who were celebratory as well. It seems that you are dismissing this a youth/college-student phenomenon, when really it just wasn't. I am not of those who were thoroughly disgusted with the celebration.
posted by Copper electrical cable at Friday, November-04-2011 08:40am

Single core cable

I am glad I read this, because it reminded me too of the fears of Kruschev's "We will ury you!" burned into my psyche. Tho I still doubt that I would have reacted like these ids...not a big drinker and not prone to gather in crowds, even when the big bad wolf, the bogeyman, or the wicked witch is dead. I hope they will have your insight as they mature to examine themselves and their times as you have, so artfully, here.
posted by Single core cable at Friday, November-04-2011 08:40am

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As for the content, I am not a control freak. I do not wear Birkenstocks. I do not tsk-tsk either. I have become fatigued with people accusing me of "hand wringing." Hand wringing seems to be the de rigueur put-down of the day to the point that it has become a cliche.
posted by 5 core cable at Friday, November-04-2011 08:41am

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I like your take on this issue. It gets all too easy to become a sniffy, disapproving adult, or to assume that other people feel exactly about a big even as I do. Always useful and instructional to see things from another point of view.
posted by 4 core cable at Friday, November-04-2011 08:41am

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An interesting take, and very well written, but I have to disagree. I was 13 when the towers fell, and yes, I did grow up with Bin Laden as one of my "boogey men." But it's more than that.
posted by 3 core cable at Friday, November-04-2011 08:41am


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