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How to cut glass with scissors

I don't believe it myself, but I don't have a spare piece of glass to try it. If anyone can, please confirm that it is possible to do this. Who would've thought that all you needed was water and scissors? Cool!

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Comments for How to cut glass with scissors

crap video

its sugar glass like they use in the movies... I worked in the glazing industry for 10 years and its imppossible to cut plate glass in this fashion. If you look closely at the surface of the glass you can see that the reflected light shows a wavy and distorted surface..

don't waste your time, if you try to cut real plate glass in this manner you will most likely cut your self when the glass shatters from the pressure of the scissor :roll:
posted by Guest at Wednesday, April-11-2007 02:58am

Does sugar glass sound like that when you tap on it?
An doesn't it break very easily?
posted by Guest at Thursday, April-12-2007 14:03pm

Not exactly crap...

This is definately possible. The edges of the glass don't turn out very smooth however.
posted by Guest at Sunday, April-15-2007 16:53pm

response to crap video

It's not the glass that is wavy, look at his hand when you "think" you see wavy glass. It's the shoddy video.
posted by adam at Thursday, May-01-2008 01:42am


all i have to say is that glass can be cut just put it under water and let it rip :clap:
posted by lala i did it so i know at Wednesday, December-10-2008 05:28am


I wouldn't try it, I saw another vid that a guy tried the same thing (with real glass) and he cut himself when the glass broke in a few pieces, he also captured his stitched hand on the vid...
posted by Some0ne at Wednesday, March-04-2009 23:32pm


The guy who cut himself also tried cutting a bottle/jar, didn't have it fully submerged, and wasn't securing it while cutting it. In my opinion it's his own fault for not thinking clearly :wall: . You can view the video however and come to your own conclusion through this link:
posted by Guest at Monday, April-13-2009 14:31pm

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