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Baby duckling feeding the fishes

This is a very cute video. So if you by chance are a mass murderer and hate this stuff, please go away now! All of the rest will be thrilled to see how animals can be smart and play with each other. For example this little duckling feeds the carps in this Japanese garden, just for the fun of it. That's pretty cool :)

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Comments for Baby duckling feeding the fishes


I can't believe that people are that stupid.

Ducks are water fowl. They need water with their food. The duckling is taking food and adding water to it so he/she can eat it. The fish have figured out this is an easy meal.

It has nothing to do with the ducking intentionally feeding the fish. Seriously you believe that?

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posted by Guest at Tuesday, May-15-2007 04:43am

that was awesome

Way to catch an amazing act of nature. If you liked this check out the lion that saves a baby baboon on google. Thanks for the video
posted by Guest at Thursday, June-21-2007 00:32am


quelle est la masse du caneton ? :think: repondez moi avant le 15 mai a 11heure
sur mon blog merci
posted by loveuse at Tuesday, May-13-2008 15:57pm

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