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Funny > Friday, March-30-2007

Drunk Russian teen video

This drunk Russian teen had so much vodka, that she found herself climbing a bridge. What's truly amazing is that she actually made it, but not before flashing some innocent bystanders. Somebody call her a cab, p l e a s e !!!

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Comments for Drunk Russian teen video


russian teen !?! looks more like a 50 year old crack-whore
posted by Guest at Saturday, May-05-2007 09:23am

Drunk Rusian tenn video

i wanna see this type of videos
posted by zikhan at Saturday, January-17-2009 02:47am

mbt sports

yeah that chuckle is definitely gonna give me nightmares!!! (it went on a TAD too long
posted by mbt sports shoes at Monday, April-18-2011 03:02am

2 core cable

I remember watching the towers falling over and over again in the auditorium at my school as students and teachers left the room to call relatives in the city, many coming back with tears streaming down their faces or not returning at all.
posted by 2 core cable at Friday, November-04-2011 05:01am

Telephone cable

I remember the burgeoning dread as the day went on, and the stone that seemed to settle permanently in my stomach when my parents called and told me not to let my little brother near the TV before they got home. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 marked the end of my own political innocence.
posted by Telephone cable at Friday, November-04-2011 05:01am

Power cable manufacturer

Before that day, I thought we were invincible. After that, I didn't. But Bin Laden's death isn't the end of the boogey man for me. The 9/11 attacks may have opened my eyes to the terror the world can hold, but that's not something his death can end.
posted by Power cable manufacturer at Friday, November-04-2011 05:01am


new era hats
new era hats
posted by new era hats at Wednesday, January-18-2012 01:46am

Supra TK Society

not imagined so simple, want Dachu fashionable sense, I can not see to tide with the program! Snow boots
posted by Supra TK Society at Wednesday, September-05-2012 02:55am

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