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Sexy model bikini photo shoot video

Here's a hot bikini photo shoot video, featuring an unknown (to me at least) model, in a red bikini. All this, combined with a beautiful photo shoot location, makes this a great (although a little short) video!

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[email protected]

[email protected]
posted by Guest at Friday, April-13-2007 23:11pm


Soyez raisonnable, exiger l'impossible
posted by john mclane at Thursday, August-07-2008 10:41am


your odambu very smart :cry: :cry: :red: :roll: :wall: :think:
posted by vinoth raj at Thursday, December-16-2010 03:27am

[email protected]

posted by rose- at Wednesday, December-29-2010 14:26pm

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video broken :clap:
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Totally. Payment plans always went without a hitch in the past but this time I was

taken advantage of and I guess lesson learned.
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Yay! So glad they arrived safely and that you're happy with them
posted by Spyder Jackets at Tuesday, May-31-2011 04:36am

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I do email people whenever I ship their package, and yours hasnt shipped yet. It is

scheduled to ship this weekend :)
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Thank you so much! Now I'm definitely encouraged to write chapter 2!
posted by Chanel Sunglass at Tuesday, May-31-2011 04:37am

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Very well written. Congratulations on all your 'firsts' ... This story actually made

me tear up at the end and then my kids walked in the room. I think they are still

wondering what was wrong but being boys are too frightened to ask :). Please keep

posted by Gianmarco Lorenzi Shoes at Tuesday, May-31-2011 04:38am

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Thank you--I will definitely start on the next chapter! Your boys sound sweet--they

don't want to see Mama cry even if it's just over a story. Bless their tender hearts!
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Thank you for doing such a selfish act.
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That's what I was wondering!
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selfISH or selfLESS? O_o
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Did you mean selfless?
posted by Christian Dior Handbags at Tuesday, May-31-2011 04:40am


Sorry. I meant selfless.Not a Freudian slip...just a typo.
posted by MBT M.WALK Shoes at Tuesday, May-31-2011 04:40am

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How does holding up a sign on a freeway overpass help people in Tibet?
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