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The most amazing CG water you've ever seen

It's truly a breathtaking view. It's probably only used in movies for now, but if it will make it to the computer games industry, it would truly represent a revolution! Wow!

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Comments for The most amazing CG water you've ever seen


this tool is out for a long time, at least 10 months i'd say, and this will never make it to the video game industry because it is just so CPU intensive, you will not calculate it in real time even if you are running it on a super computer, so...
posted by Guest at Friday, March-16-2007 20:32pm

Of course it will!

How nieve are you?!
Computers in the future will be far superior to the machines we have now how can games not evolve to this level? It's impossible for it not to. Imagine playin a game like doom 3 when pong was created.
posted by Guest at Saturday, March-17-2007 11:47am

not for a while

Will we see this in fmv in games?.. yes we will. However it will be a good few years before we will see these levels of graphics in a real time environment. I'd say it will be at least another five, possibly ten years before we will see graphics of that quality being run in real time on a computer / console...
but what do I know?
posted by Guest at Monday, March-19-2007 15:57pm

... there are no words

That is just super

But I don't think it will be possible until quantum computers become standard

10 years?
posted by Guest at Sunday, March-25-2007 09:34am

Never say never

In the late 80s I was playing clones of Defender and Galaxians, loaded from audio tape on 8-bit computers with less RAM than a modern washing machine.

In the late 90s I was playing Deus Ex and Half Life.

It's now 2007. Half Life 2 was quite pretty and Crysis is looking perhaps more so.

To get to the point - technology marches on at an ever-increasing speed.
posted by Guest at Thursday, March-29-2007 12:57pm

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