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Beer Freeze Trick (Instant Beer Freeze)

The beer freeze trick instantly freezes the beer by a process known as supercooling. This is actually done by putting the beer in the freezer, letting it stay for a while and then shaking it. Because the beer is below it's freezing point, but it's not frozen, it will immediately freeze thus you get instant beer freeze. So now that you know, enjoy this cool beer freeze trick!

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Comments for Beer Freeze Trick (Instant Beer Freeze)


that is so stupid!!!!! why wud u want to do that dont u wanna drink the beer?????? why?????????????????????????????????????????
posted by Guest at Friday, April-13-2007 12:27pm


'Cos it's interesting. Don't you find it at least a tad interesting?
posted by Guest at Friday, April-27-2007 21:20pm

Frozen Beer

My husband and I do this with coke (becomes and ICEE) and when I drink water, I do the same with it. You just have to freeze it the exact right number of minutes or it'll freeze while in the freezer or won't freeze at all.
posted by Guest at Tuesday, May-08-2007 23:31pm


tradotto veramente da un genio...mamma mia nn si capisce un cazzo...
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-05-2007 14:14pm


how do you do this actually? I kept a beer in the freezer for about a half hour, it's supercold, but when I shook it, nothing happened. I thought you had to put it down on a hard surface with a considerable amount of force, but that didn't work either.

How long do you keep it in the freezer? I've accidentally kept beer in the freezer for too long (because I wanted to drink it when it was really cold), and the beer expanded and popped off the top in a big frozen mess. I tried it today and it didn't work
posted by Brian at Tuesday, August-10-2010 03:24am

doesnt have 2 be beer

can be any carbonated drink :D
posted by nathan at Tuesday, November-23-2010 20:55pm


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