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Ouch > Monday, November-02-2009

Audi Q7 vs. Fiat 500

In physics mass matters most. This is why a 2.5 ton Audi Q7 obliterates a 1.2 ton Fiat 500. Also, the height difference plays an important role too, because of the position of the crumple zones. Anyway, there should be some kind of legislation to make cars "compatible" between each-other on impacts :|

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Sadly there isn't at least in Italy, and it's why those SUV must be declared out of law!
posted by Mirko at Sunday, November-08-2009 14:06pm


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Sadly there isn't at least in Italy, and it's why those SUV must be declared out of law!
posted by Maxie at Monday, November-12-2012 07:52am

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