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WTF..?! > Wednesday, February-11-2009

Another car-train near miss

Don't people ever learn? Didn't they see on TV what happens when a train hits a car? WTF? Are you in such a hurry that it makes sense to risk your life for a few seconds? Well...this guy certainly dodged a bullet. It's incredible!

Tags: WTF, car, train, miss, accident

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Comments for Another car-train near miss


The warning lights don't appear to be flashing, and where's the gate arm that's supposed to block? I bet it's doctored.
posted by Sticky at Friday, May-15-2009 22:19pm

Probably a man driver

I've seen a lot of train/car crashes and near misses on video, over the years, and it's rarely a woman pulling that kind of nonsense.
posted by Jody at Friday, November-13-2009 23:04pm

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