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Old school snowmobile

Here's an oldie but goldie. A snowmobile from the 1920's, like they don't make them anymore. Actually made from a tractor, and it is a pretty impressive machinery. Have a watch & enjoy!

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Comments for Old school snowmobile


This is actually an ad for the Snowmotor. It was convertible, and could be used with a specific model of tractor and a car. I don't recall the brands that it could be used on. I lost my link to the history page that described the whole thing because of a computer crash, resulting in the need to uninstall AOL and reinstall. The tech told me all my bookmarks would be saved for me. Unfortunately, he said I should not uninstall the old AOL 8.0 that was in the system, so AOL saved my address book and bookmarks from the old AOL rather than the 9.1 and I lost a year's worth of great stuff.
posted by Carol Ross at Sunday, November-08-2009 19:37pm

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