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Bodyguard's Ultimate SUV

If you are an important person, and can afford a personal bodyguard, maybe you should spend an extra buck, and outfit their SUV with this little baby. Nothing says "I mean business" than a personal SUV-mounted Gatling gun FTW! Enjoy!

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Comments for Bodyguard's Ultimate SUV

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Totally. Payment plans always went without a hitch in the past but this time I was taken advantage of and I guess lesson learned.
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I agree with your points , wonderful post.
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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble has some very adult themes and could be really touching. Hm- I'll have to think some more- there's a book I want to read called Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Children's Book. It's a collection of essays from public figures on what they learned reading as a kid. Sounds pretty great.
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I really like your take on this. At my daughter's college the mood was celebratory. She told me she questioned it, but at the same time understood it.
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Very insightful. How long ago 10 years seems in terms of what you can shield kids from In these days of 24 hour news and twitter and blogs, not to mention the Daily Show, that salvation of the online generation who will never read a newspaper, there is no possibility of shielding kids from major news.
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Parents might even be forced to discuss issues with their kids. The celebrations in the street reminded me of the celebrations in various Arab countries--I specifically remember Palestine--where 9/11 was celebrated.
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I will see myself out, please.
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