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Atheists vs. Christians (Round 1)

This show is called "The Atheist experience". This time around, they get a caller, who is actually honest with himself, and provides his own answers for the questions he is asking. This is probably the best caller ever that you can have on this kind of a TV show! Enjoy!

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Comments for Atheists vs. Christians (Round 1)


:wall: For Atheist's it seems like for a group of people who claim god does not exist makes it their point to argue with everyone else about it. If you do not believe in god then just get on with your lives, why are you trying to prove to everyone else that you don't believe in god? and that they should not either if you don't believe in god in the first place? Ok so for some sad reason or some tragic thing that happened in your life that turned you from Jesus's love, just get on with your live and believes! Just cause you want to go to hell does not mean you have to drag others with you. I will pray for all of you.
posted by BSM God Is Love at Wednesday, January-21-2009 00:39am


if you wanna know whys that, try watching zeitgeist the movie. then you ll understand whats going on
posted by lee at Wednesday, January-21-2009 03:34am


BSM funny how you say that "atheists are trying to prove to everyone else", while what you did was try to prove to everyone else that there IS a god. I didn't see any atheist comment before you that could act as an incentive to your opening your mouth and talking ignorant slander against a group of millions of people.
posted by RoyK at Thursday, January-22-2009 13:31pm


there is a god. :clap:
posted by Guest at Friday, January-23-2009 19:42pm


wow i never know atheist were such condesending assholes. oh wait YEA I DID!!!
posted by Guest at Thursday, August-13-2009 06:22am

The Voice of Reason

well atheist are all about using reason and not faith right? well reason this. lets say your a christian ok? you die and your religion was wrong . no biggie. theres no consequences cause theres no afterlife. on the otherhand, lets your atheist. you die and you were wrong. well depending on whats right you might get reincarnated or go to hell or wutever. the point is that christianity, judaism, and islam are pretty much the only religion that if you dnt believe in them ur basicaly f***ed for all eternity. the point is that your best bet realy is to just pick 1 or those 3 and pray to wutever your religions name for god is that your right
posted by the man with no opinion at Thursday, August-13-2009 06:33am


:wall: :think: :o Peter Jeseph pulled the majority of the "facts" in Zeitgeist out his ass. None of it is sourced or referenced. :hand:
posted by Guest at Friday, August-14-2009 02:24am


:evil: that was f***n gay. whoever put this clip up here should have his balls dipped in lava
posted by Guest at Friday, August-14-2009 02:27am


i bet those bald guys are gay lovers lol
posted by Guest at Friday, August-14-2009 02:29am

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