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Funny > Wednesday, September-10-2008

Cat on a Leash = Bad Idea

Wow. That's why you shouldn't try to put a cat on a leash. It simply doesn't like it. Here's a guy who tried it. Unfortunately it didn't go as he planned :)

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Comments for Cat on a Leash = Bad Idea

not funny for cat, hilarious dammage to the dude

im glad the cat bit him....
posted by Genevieve at Tuesday, July-14-2009 22:58pm

good for the cat

I am so glad that others believe the same as I do CATS do not belong on a leash. I have done one paper for argument at school . now Iam working on a second. Put my cat on a WHAT? i feel it is inhumane. cats are natural hunters, climbers and yes independant.
NO way , but I did do 4 days in jail for cat at large in colorado. Mainly because I refused to pay the fine.
posted by Margaret Robinson at Thursday, May-05-2011 21:24pm

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