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WTF..?! > Tuesday, March-04-2008

Mean birthday present

This is the kind of sh!t that will mark a kid for life! No...Really! This poor kid thought he was getting an XBOX 360...instead he got...well have a look :|

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Comments for Mean birthday present

Prospect serial killer

If this kid grows up to be a serial killer and starts his killing spree by murdering his own parents... He's goddamned right!
posted by diego at Tuesday, March-04-2008 16:28pm


This video is even more painful to watch than people falling down the stairs while skating... Poor kid and stupid parents saying they "can't afford a xbox", they are just mean...
posted by chicou at Tuesday, March-04-2008 20:46pm


I was hoping the last ten seconds that it was actually a joke and that they had bought him the xbox :cry:

I hope this was all a montage, if it wasn't, I agree with diego "prospect serial killer" post .Darn,
and who was that ******* laughing???? poor kid, they coulda packed the clothes in some other type of container. F*** :wall:
posted by pibito at Wednesday, March-05-2008 02:06am


that was so mean, really, was it absolutely necessary to do that??? poor kid, i mean, the smile on his face, and then, total dissapointement. What kind of parents do that! omg, watching this was painful, f***ing heartless parents
posted by me at Wednesday, March-05-2008 03:45am


cant say it wasnt fun, at least at the beggining :p hehehehe
posted by Breno at Wednesday, March-05-2008 03:45am

Holy s***

That has got to be the sickest thing I have every seen :-/

I was thinking they were gonna pull out the Xbox from behind the sofa or something :doh:

Strong kid, he was trying not to cry even tho his parents and family were laughing at him :|
posted by Fan at Wednesday, March-05-2008 03:51am

Why would you do that?!

These sick f***s don't deserve to have custody of any living thing, let alone a child. That was downright sick and disgusting.

There is nothing worse for a child than having to grow up too soon and when your own parents deceive him like this. Just looking at his eyes all I could see is 'why'. Poor kid.

I hope the courts rule these sick f***s unfit for parenting and give the kid to a decent family.
posted by Wtf? at Wednesday, March-05-2008 11:01am


for the person behind the cruel idea,look at those have no f****n idea what the kid's gonna be like after that...just wait and see and you'll regret to hell! :evil:
posted by touched at Friday, March-07-2008 06:05am

Sick sick Sick

what kind of parents would do that! its just cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Guest at Friday, March-07-2008 20:25pm

That was really sick... of the sickest things i've ever seen. I hope this kid is allright. I can't stand parents like seen in this video, are they out of mind or what the heck. :think: This was really touching one :wall:
posted by Shingeki at Saturday, March-08-2008 01:00am

s***ty parenting at this finest

Wow. Unbelievable. Not funny.
posted by Maria P. at Saturday, March-08-2008 04:05am


That poor boy, he looked really young. He was so devestated. What is funny about breaking a little boy's heart :( ? I have two kids and would never dream of doing something like that to them. He will probably hate his family for a very long time. I hope after this vidoe was stopped they gave him the XBox. Some people don't deserve to have children. Idiots!
posted by me at Saturday, March-08-2008 23:08pm


Hello Kid.
Well, I can honestly tell you that I have never seen anyone as strong as you. To have that done to you by your own family is simply terrible. I feel so very sorry for you my little frend. And I want you to know that there are people in the world who do care about you. I have to say that the way you controlled yourself, that the way you let all those family members show THEMSELVES up, and you remained in control... that this shows me that you have tremendous inner strength. Please focus on your inner strength and when you are old enough please do well in the world. One day I am CERTAIN you will have what your hear really craves for... not an XBOX - but people who really love you.
posted by Robert at Thursday, March-20-2008 20:13pm


I hope everything was a joke or smt, becuase the poor child... i have no words 4 this video. poor child. And her brother or i dont know who's the person that was laughting... i hate her.
posted by Cruzo at Monday, March-24-2008 01:58am


posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-25-2008 00:43am


Some people should never have children.
That was not funny - just mean.
posted by Flower at Thursday, March-27-2008 18:41pm


Goddamn its a f***in shame that anyone at all can have kids .granted I am so not a perfect parent .I would never ever do something this cruel to a child .what f***in losers to do this to there own child for a laugh .morons :evil:
posted by greeneyz99 at Thursday, March-27-2008 22:46pm


Goddamn its a f***** sick ;S Unbelievable...
posted by dark at Friday, March-28-2008 16:59pm


Whole usa is fu*ked up, country of sick, ugly and fat ppl:
posted by EU!! at Saturday, March-29-2008 13:27pm


It was quite funny . But i think that is fake.
posted by Guest at Saturday, March-29-2008 21:19pm


Well f***ed up. But who cares?
posted by maegeaR at Monday, March-31-2008 16:46pm

Is this real?

This filmed looked too scripted to me. But if it was real, I hope the boy is doing well.
posted by Roommate at Tuesday, April-01-2008 08:35am


Those parents do NOT deserve children if they are like that. I mean, if my parents did that to me, I'll curse them FOR LIFE.
posted by Chabii at Friday, April-11-2008 07:07am


that lady sounds gay... how the f*** did they even afford the box unless they stole it. they went a long way to pull off this prank on the poor kid. usually its the other way around losers! if you cant afford it then dont fool the kid into thinking he is getting anything you cant afford. :evil:
posted by pineapple at Thursday, April-17-2008 03:05am

So so sad.....

Wow, to think parents actually do that to their children... that just broke my heart. I just wanna give that little kid a big cuddle.... and a X-Box :cry:
posted by Brooke at Tuesday, April-22-2008 06:44am


This is SICK, SICK, SICK! This is got to be the meanest thing I have seen. How could you do this to your child!!! That is really troubling and sick to that to your own child!!
posted by Kariann at Friday, May-23-2008 16:44pm

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