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Blasphemy can be funny

Jesus YMCA
funny Jesus switch

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Parental advisory warning on bible...hilarious

Also make sure you visit Blasphemy can be funny (part 2)

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Comments for Blasphemy can be funny

Heh heh heh. Lawl.

I didn't think the middle one was that funny, but the last one was pretty good and the first one was really funny. Made me lawl the first time I saw it.
posted by Orez at Sunday, February-03-2008 20:52pm


The top two were funny. The bottom one started funny and got offensive at the very end.
posted by Eh at Tuesday, February-05-2008 16:57pm


all that is a load of boloks
posted by nathan is sexy at Wednesday, February-06-2008 13:28pm


:clap: The :doh: Top :hand: and :pray: bottom :think: are :wall: very :D funny :-/ . :cool: But :cry: I :o don't :evil: get :mad: the :| middle :red: . :roll: But :( funny :)
posted by fun at Wednesday, February-06-2008 15:04pm


so you thought it was offensive, huh? and did you not notice the heading of "Blasphemy can be funny"? lol they were all pretty good. I approve. who knew tickets to hell were so funny.
posted by Mike at Thursday, February-07-2008 01:29am


Hey, the truth hurts.
posted by rprebel at Thursday, February-07-2008 04:45am

ban the bible

lol, I think the light switch is in a priests bedroom.
posted by lol McFunny at Friday, February-08-2008 20:30pm

Blasphemy is Awesome

All three were hilarious. The last one was the best because its so true, and everyone gets so offended by it. Which just makes it 10 times better.
posted by DarkSunshine at Sunday, February-10-2008 02:19am


This is pretty funny I have to admit. But I don't like offending other religions mainly because if people make fun of my religion, I get sorta bothered :think:
posted by woopie at Sunday, February-10-2008 22:00pm


Love all 3, hilarious!! :D

For those that get offended by such things, dont, you have your beliefs, stand by them if you will but please PLEASE take things like this in your stride!

Although having said that, im reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins that pretty much pushes the atheists view on all things religious (and other religious groups)! Did you know that based on quotes from the founding fathers of America, they believed that religion should be a personal matter and shouldn't be mixed with politics! I tend to agree, one doesnt need religion to see right from wrong!! (although some tend not to believe that..) :wall:
posted by Graham at Friday, February-15-2008 16:25pm


People, the switch on the light switch is located approximately where the priest's **** would be. and they're all looking at it.
posted by Matty at Sunday, February-17-2008 18:12pm

Great Blog

i like this pics
posted by Funny Pictures at Sunday, February-17-2008 18:25pm


what are they spelling at the top?
posted by ??? at Sunday, February-17-2008 19:46pm


"YMCA" is also the name of a group dance with cheerleader Y-M-C-A choreography invented to fit the song. One of the phases involves moving arms to form the letters Y-M-C-A as they are sung in the chorus:

Y - Arms outstretched and raised
M - Made by bending the elbows from the 'Y' pose so the fingertips meet over the chest[1]
C - Arms extended to the left
A - Hands held together above head
posted by Kat at Sunday, February-17-2008 22:16pm


That sticker should legally be put on every single Bible ever printed. Better yet, on all religious literature. Also, check this out:
posted by alex at Monday, February-18-2008 16:36pm


the light switch one i believe is jesus' penis (switch part).
posted by Guest at Monday, February-18-2008 21:59pm


'Hilarious' is a bit of an overstatement
posted by Barely Funny at Friday, February-22-2008 12:39pm

It made me laugh

The first one was best, I thought the second was meant be be part of his body, or have I just a sick mind. The last one was 'funny because its true'
posted by Speedybright at Sunday, February-24-2008 16:17pm

Deviled Ham inpsector

They were all very funny it's true there should be a warning. I hadn't seen the last one. I t would be helpful if all religious dogma had warning labels. Truth can't be found in literal terms, pre-packaged, heat-n-eat in a book.
posted by KingFIish at Monday, February-25-2008 03:12am


haha those pics are pretty funny :D
posted by fish at Thursday, March-20-2008 08:18am


Hilarious! The bible one is sooooo true!!
posted by sarah at Monday, April-28-2008 19:13pm


ya i totally agree! the switch one is hilarious, and the last one is so very very true! i'm christian to!! i believe in god and jesus but everything else like adam and eve and everything is all crap. sorry if i am offenceove but i mean ok in the bible it says adam and eve were put on earth they mated and had 2 boys, abel and cain, then it says that cain( or abel) mated with another women and had a kid! wtf! what other women!!like if it was his mother then thats total incest!! and all this stuff that they lived to 900 and 600 and 700 is stupid and retarded!! what a fake story, ( and why would they wanna spend so much money on paper and ink if its all jibrish, fake pooop!
posted by lala at Wednesday, August-06-2008 21:31pm


I had that light switch when I was a kid! (religious mom)
Never caught the perversion of it at the time.
posted by buggy todd at Saturday, August-09-2008 04:05am


these where some of the best images i have ever seen XD
posted by Average_Joe at Wednesday, September-10-2008 04:40am


these where some of the best images i have ever seen XD
posted by Average_Joe at Wednesday, September-10-2008 04:40am


Já sei, as bonecas foram vítimas de pedofilia ou de Padres ou de Pastores... hehehehe
posted by Marcos Jayme at Saturday, December-27-2008 07:35am

Great s***

omg all of those were funny as hell i loved the second one i saw that i just busted out laughing.
posted by Hail_Satan at Saturday, March-07-2009 22:18pm

I GET IT!!!!

i had 2 stare at the middle 1 for ages before i got it... jesus is a bad boy!!!
posted by teehee at Wednesday, May-13-2009 13:15pm


the first ones funny...the others r lame
posted by meri at Wednesday, September-09-2009 15:02pm


@untitled: the original settlers to the new world came here to practice Christianity more openly. they wanted to get away from the church in England. also, the bible only contains stories of horrible men. that's why there's bad things in it. it tells you not to be like them.
posted by peter at Wednesday, September-30-2009 22:56pm


I found Jesus!!! (He was behind my couch all along)
posted by FPK at Sunday, October-11-2009 20:43pm


The third one is legendary
posted by haha at Monday, November-02-2009 19:43pm


the third one is great. the bible is the most evil book i've ever read.
posted by calvin at Friday, May-28-2010 15:50pm

the first one kinda fits

YMCA = Young Man's CHRISTIAN Association
somewhat suiting
posted by wateve at Friday, June-11-2010 18:47pm


You know, it's funny. When I was a kid, the jackasses I knew hated Jews, Blacks and gays. Now we have bigotry against Christians and members of other religions. I guess bigots will be bigots -- they'll find a way.

By the way, those idiots I knew when I was a kid thought they were pretty smart too.
posted by alloallo3 at Sunday, June-20-2010 14:41pm

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